Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thiruporur Jan 1st 2015

Thiruporur is a place where one of the temple of Sri subrmanyaswamy,  situated near to Chennai at around 30 km.

As my usual habbit of visiting some temple on first day of the year, I thought to visit Thiruthani temple, but time doesn't permit to do so. So, I planned to go Thiruporur temple.

Me, Sai and Anil started to the temple at around 12 in the noon and took 2hrs from my place. Actually it was rained on the same day. We had visited the temple in wet clothes itself.

It is a nice place where you can see the large pond on right side while walking to the temple.

There was a huge crowd as it is the holyday for lord murugan. We are first confused which line to take, as there are sign boards in English. So, we blindly followed the other people.

We took the special darshan line of Rs. 15(i am not sure, exact amount). And it took as usual of 2 hours between the iron rods separated by queue's. In between Sai made our hours to fill with answers of our amatuer doubts on God. And Anil added flavours for that.

Finally we started this year with the Murugan blessings. Hope, this happiness and his blessings would be eternal on ours.

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