Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thiruthani la Taniya

Dated : 5th Jan 2015
Crew : same as every time

Thiruthani, is one of the sacred place of Lord Murugan. It is one the house of "Arupadai Veedu". Actually, I have planned to go on starting day of this year. But finally I made it after a bit later.

By gods grace, I could find time for visiting this place. I have worked on weekends to get a Comp-Off. So, I have planned immediately for this obe of the aarupadai veedu.

Thiruthani, is a also a near-by temple to Chennai. It would be a 90 km travel from Chennai. You could find atleast 2 metro trains per hour, starting from Chennai to Thiruthani.

I have found this only after I missed the Express train. Some railway kooli nearby gave information on this metro trains. Hope, I have started at 9 m and reached in less than 2 hours.

I have suprised after seeing the railyway board engraving the word Thiruthani in both Telugu and Tamil, besides English and Hindi. I just remember the some clips from Madrasattinam movie, where u could find same.

The temple is situated on a hill, but I am not aware of the Stalapuranam of this place. It is a 1 km walkable distance from the railway station. And another thing I have observed is, the railway station seems to be a temple. We could find gopuras fof the railway station.

On the half way, you need go on steps, remaining on the road. Please remember your foot wear shop, where u left slippers. On the return journey, u could miss it.

I have visited on the good day, but on holy day. So, there is no much rush. Hope, there will be only 10 members. I have completed all my darshan's within in 1 hour, without opting for special darshanam.

Remaining things find on the attached pics.

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