Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thanjavur - Madurai(Day -1)

It has been so long to kick of my journey. I took a long break to start with a new place. But this time came with a planned map. But bare me till the end of my journey.

Date : Oct 1st, 2014
Just now started in the train. The train gave a jerk to start off my journey. Got a Side Lower seat at berth 15 in the Uzhavan Express. And the clock ticks on 11:33 pm at Chennai Egmore station. And my eyes falling asleep until 351 km.

Kaalai Vanakkam(Good Morning)

Somebody flashed on my mobile and wake me up. When I open my eyes, I reached Kumbakonam.

The shiny rays falling on earth opens my hair to stood up. I am almost about to reach my destiny.

I reached Thanjavur station at around 7 in the morning. Its a new place and new air, but i need to search newly for a good lodge.

Once i stepped out of the station, the sign board showing me the directions for the (big Temple) periya kovil.

 I enquired about 3 to 5 lodges, for my daily mundanes. The prices are very high, varying from 750 to 1300 rupees. But luckily i got a lodge in my economy. There was no single room. So I took the double room, where the lodge is very near to old bus stand.

I got ready as soon as possible, and I changed as a devotee for the day. With the help of my google snaps and my little bit manageable Tamil, I came to know the Temple is very near to me. It is just a 8 min walk from "my location" as per GPS.

I completed my breakfast in the opposite hotel and started to the Temple.

I can see the 3 to 4 gopuras from the long view. I just read about the temple scribbled by the Archeological department.

This is the temple areal view.

Working hours of the temple.

It consists of around 5 temples.

1. Bruhdeswara
2. Varahi Amman.
3. Ganesh kovil
4. Subramanya swamy
5. Karuvur

Here are the snapshots in and out of the temples.

Entrance Gopuram
East Entrance gopuram

Main temple Back view


This nandhi is made up of single granite stone.
And the best part is everyone should see the Brihadiswara lingam. Its really outstanding.

It took almost 1.5 hours to visit all the five temples.

I completed the temples visit before the time of my plan. I have two more hours for the next temple visit in another city.

In the left over time, I have covered two more places.

Statue of Raja Eaja Chola, who built the Thanjavur temple.


It is the extension of the temple. They made part of the temple as a park. If u want to some relaxation after the temple visit, you could spend some time here.

It is the good place for kids to enjoy swimming.


It is around 2 km from where you are standing now. Better take an auto. However, if you are interested about the musuems, it is one of that type.

I started from my present location to Palace by walk. Seeing the vehicles registration, I found the registration number as TN 49. And people from andhra pradesh have visited so many on that day to the temple.

It covers musuem, library, art gallery all at a one place.

Darbar Hall:

Raja 2 Feroji's Memorial Hall - A tribute to Chatrapathi.

Bell Tower:

I am almost exhausted for the day. And my clock running towards to 12.00 pm.

Returned to room to check out the room after my lunch in the same opposite hotel.

I took the A75 bus to reach from Old new bus stand to New bus stand. 

Chalo to Madurai:

It is around 187 km from thanjavur to Madurai. It is better to take District services bus. The ticketfare is Rs. 90.

I started at 1.30 pm from Thanjavur and reached by around 5:30 pm to Mattudhavani bus stand. 

Take any 77B local service bus to reach Meenakshi temple. It is half an hour drive.

After a 0.5 km walk inthe crowded area from the road, finally reached Meenakshi Kovil.

This statue is the landmark to reach temple, which opposite to the entrance way of the Meenakshi temple.

This temple has very high security, I returned every of my luggage excepy some coinds and my mobile phone.

Sorry I couldnt add the photos of inner of the temple here.

************.    ****************     **************

I googled it, JIGARTHANDA is famous in Madurai.

Luckily I have found the drink opposite to the EAST entrance gate from where I have entered into the temple.

Now its time to dinner.

Murugan idli shop is very famous dor the south indian items, if you have time, dont forget to reach over there. It is more than a walkable distance from the temple road.

Then I have to started to near by bs stop to reach Mattudhavani bus stand for the next day plan.

Reached Mattudhavani bus stand at 10 pm in the night.

There are number of buses from Madurai to Thiruchandur. Noted that the registration number is TN 59.

I took the 10:30 bus from Madurai. And I tried to slept for the day in bus.

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