Monday, October 6, 2014

Tiruchandur - kanyakumari (Day - 2)

I reached Thiruchandur at early hours, may be around 2am. Actually I didn't plan anything there. I thought I will reach at around 6 in the morning.

I enquired a few of hotels for room. But due to holy day dusherra, all rooms are filled. Really I didn't understand what I should do. I thought I could wait there until the temple opens. But literally I am tired. At least I want to give rest to my back.

I could see the people scattered every where in the temple premises, some people chit chatting and remaining have bed on the floor.

I don't know whether I could chit chat with someone or wait on the nearby floor. But I decided, I should not be here. Then I roamed a little around atleast I could find some room.

But I didnt. There are no people too in and around. Roads almost human-free. I went a little far, there I have seen two persons entering into the house. I doubted whether they are robbing some house. I came near to the house. I couldn't find those two persons. Suddenly, a man came to me. And shouted "Enna?". I just freezed. Not due to his voice, but his sudden appearance in dark shadows.

I conversed in my little tamil. And finally he invited me inside. He showed me a locker after paying some bucks. And showed a way to clear my daily mundane's and a tiny place to take rest. I am confused how to sleep there.

I caloried my time by giving charges to all my electric gadgets. So, I hope there is no point in sleeping now.

After a few hours, I started to bath and got ready to go to the temp!e. The owner has given a few more suggestions behind my googled things.

I visited first, the vinayagar temple on the way, and took the pooja things to the temple. I came out from the temple by 5 in the early morning. The morning greeted with the rain droplets.

Later I took the photo shots each and every place which pleases me. I could see peacocks in my every way. Really it is a nice place to visit.

I waited for the Sun rise and captured each and every shines I could. The sun rays reflecting on the mirror of a sea, is really awesome.

Later I visited the Valli temple neary. If you are aware of Murugan, a god of love and war, you will be aware of her. But here is some info for others, Valli is one of Murugan wives, he married after winning her love. And the other wife, he married by winning a war.

Please do visit, valli temple. And if you have a sister, please do visit this temple. They will do special pooja and will give kumkuma from the blessings of valli.

And finally, Thiruchandur is one of the six Adobe's of Lord Murugan. And this is my visit to one of adobe.

I have completed my planned things 9 hours ahead. So, I planned to visit the Kanyakumari within this time and need to catch my return train from Thiruchandur in the evening.

And to make note I have seen some of the vehicle registration numbers are 69, roaming near the temple premises.

Before the plan to Kanyakumari, I googled some more places to visit, like kulashekarapatnam, nagarcoil etc., but I feared whether I could reach back in time to thirunchandur. So, finally I started off to the Kanyakumari.

It is around 100 km distance as per Google maps, and it will take only 1.5 hrs of journey, but in real it took 3-4 hrs. Behind the thiruchandur temple, there is a Bus stand where u can drove to Kanyakumari.

I remember, I started to Kanykumari at 9 in the morning. I have reached there at around 11 am.

There is a large queue waiting for the ferry boat. At the ferry point, we could see the Huge Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandha foot prints.

After a 1 hour waiting in Sun, they closed the ferry gate due to holy day. I am little disappointed, for missing it. But it made a favour at the end.

I took some snaps from a long distance. Later the procession at the near by temple is awesome. But due to heavy crowd I couldn't visit the temple too. But the procession is good. I enjoyed it.

For the final round, I visited the TRIVENISANGAMAM point, where I collected the some holy water. I stepped a little into the sea, to take snaps. While return, I just slipped from the rock, hardly managed by myself, I dropped my iPad in water. Sorry, for this reason, I couldn't add any of the photos here.

Later after my long waiting and long disappointment, I started back to thirunchandur. There are no much buses in my return way. I took two buses to reach thiruchandur, I hope, I went to nagarcoil and then to thiruchandur.

But I meet some people on the way between kanyakumari and thiruchandur. Most interestingly, one guy who is one of the participant of procession in Kulakshetra. It is a place where all the people dance in a procession. Hope I have missed that one. And I really hats off to the
Tamilnadu government for providing the charge cut offs for these people to travel from distant places. And tamilians are good at keeping their culture and customs.

It's a walkable distance from bus stand to railway station. I reached one hour before my expected train arrival time. But it helped me a lot, as the train schedule time has changed to one hour before, neither the railway department didn't intimate nor I am not aware of it. I am damn tired by the time I reach thiruchandur. I just slept off for longtime. Neither I ate my dinner in the night nor breakfast in the morning.

Reached finally chennai city before the post lunch. The only city disappointed me was annualized, and to note the registration number doesn't end with 9 for kanyakumari.

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