Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kolleru bird Sanctuary

Crew : Kalyan Rajesh, his brother and Me
Date : 17 jan 2015

I went for the pongal holidays to home. For my routine plans in my native of meeting of tenth mates, there is a new way of out-door plan.

The day before Rajesh called and instructed make a time for tomorrow. We need to go bird sanctuary near to your home. I planned myself and prepared for the next day.

He called in the next morning when he about to cross my home. But I am not yet ready. I called him to come to my house. After 10 minutes, we started for drive on 2 bikes. It is a 30 km far from my house.

Even though, it is near to my native, I never went there. We have enquired on the way to get the route to sanctuary. There are no proper instructions and sign boards. Anyway we drove with ease on the single way. Rajesh carried a side bag of huge one. I thought that he is carrying a SLR or DSLR after carrying the 2 kg bag, a well turned photoshooter.

Finally we reached the bird sanctuary. Its really awesome, when the fresh air hit on my face. I could see the birds flying around on near by bushes.

We reached the entrance gate for pying the charges. I hope we spend entrance ticket as Rs. 30 and camera charges as Rs.100 and boating charges as Rs. 40.

Once we entered, Rajesh in rush opened the bag and took out the Digital Camera of Sony. Really, I smiled innerself after seeing digi in his hand. But it has not disappointed after seeing the pics in his facebook.

Finally I learnt a difference between the two things. Like difference inmind sets between a two photographers, I, concentrate on the pleasing the things which woukd be good for the eyes and he, Rajesh, will concentrate on details of different birds, not the style, will capture.

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