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Palani to Madhurai to Swamimalai

Dated : 25th Oct 2015
CREW : Solo

I have started at around 2 pm from PALANI and reached Madhurai by 6 PM. Thanks to the TN govt, for the fair bus rates.
As I remember, I crossed the DINDUGAL district in the way to Madhurai.

While on the way to madhurai, I planned the best one to visit which temple as first. Either it is tirupurakundram or Pazhamudharcholai. I voted for the second one as the temple is going to close by 7 pm. But my time is limit. I am not sure whether I could reach before 7. I kept all my burdens on MURUGAN and prayed thousand times that temple should not close.
I get down in Mattudhavani bus stand and enquired for the Pazhamudhar cholai temple. There are no direct buses from the bus stand. Auto walas helped me to get the bus route, surprise compared to Andhra, where they will force you to go in Auto.
I took some bus which drops me in mid of another parallel road where leads to azhagar koil, should reach this stop to reach the temple. My clock ticking sounds made me fear, and the time is running out. I didnt find the bus stop soon.
Finally got the bus, the clock shows 6:38 pm. There is no way I could reach there by 7 as a few of people said temple will close soon.
I reached azhagar koil by 6:57 pm. From there, the temple bus will lead to the mid of hill, where the temple is situated. The route resembles like talakona hills. The greenary scenaries are encouraging but the fear prevents me to note it down.
I reached the temple by 7:15 pm. The temple not yet closed. Oh muruga, thank you.. thank you so much. I made the darshanam as soon as possible. Later without my knowledge, tears rolled down from my eyes while I sat for a while within the temple premises. The surrounding was calm and nobody there to over hear my tears, my wishes had listed up to HIM.

I came out from temple by 7:39 pm and after so long waiting at the below hill, I got the bus to bus stand from where I could travel to Thiruparankundram. Both the temples are placed on the two opposite sides of the Madhurai town.
I am not pretty sure where I got the bus to Thiruparankundram, but it is a half an hour drive from there. I reached the Thiruparankundram by 9:45 pm. This time I am not feared that the temple will close. Now I have a faith on HIM. There I started believe on HIM. Now became a deity for HIM.

The temple architecture is very different, 4 to 5 temples are built in step wise. As per the sthalapuranam, this is the place where Murugan told the mantra to the Shivan when he forgets.
The temple looks very old with very huge walls. I rested my body for some time in the temple premises. Then I have started to the Mattudhavani bus stand to catch the bus for Swamimalai.
Guessing, I have reached the bus stand by 11 pm and enquired about the bus to swamimalai. I took the normal bus, as it should not drop me in mid night in swamimalai as previously did for Thiruchandur.

But this is some way resembles to my previous journey as I started at the same times to the last temple in both the journey's.
I am tired off for the day. I am not pretty sure in which way it reached Swamimalai. But the conductor woke me up exactly in swamimalai at 5:30 pm. Oh god, the road was very dark, I was frightened to cross the road as there are no people on the streets. There were no auto's too. I started walking towards the temple. The number plaque shows 1 km for the temple. Unlike the other temples, it is pretty and tiny village.

I am just searching out for the hotels where I could sleep for some time atleast and then start to the temple. But all the hotels were closed, but I found a place to make a bath and finish off my mundanes. I reached the temple by 6 : 30 pm. The main door is open but the temple not yet. I took some snaps here and there. And I completed my darshanam. There was huge rush even at that early times. Hope, there is some occassion, where I could see lots of bride and bridegrooms for the marriage. This is the first marriage I have seen in Tamilnadu. But it is quite different from what we did. I find some peculiar items apart from conventional. I covered up some marriage shoots. And then took the snaps of the temple in the morning day light. There I understand the reason for new things in the marriage. It is the place where murugan and his lover valli got married in this style. Plz look up for the story in net.

Then I bid my hi to the temple, there I had a full of weighted heart that I completed all the arupadai veedugal. It is the rare boon to the people to complete all the 6 houses, luckily I got the chance. If some thing I have seen in Tamil Nadu, I proudly say, I have been there in all the 6 sacred houses of Lord Murugan.

A diety of Lord Murugan, God of war and love.

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