Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cholamandal Artist's Village

After having peeped my head in the arts, I got interest to see the arts. I started to dig and read the different types of arts. But I am not sure there is so much scope beyond what you thought. This can be happen only when you see the others arts and applause them. Finally it never be made possible without him, Madhu. Tons of thanks to him.

This is the place for the contemporary/modern art, started by the K.C.S. Paniker.

If you have really have a heart to see the artist's view, you surely need to visit this place.

But I am very sorry for the photos. It was not allowed to capture the arts. Of course, it should not.

Really we have gone through the each art show cased there and started to make our sleeping minds to awake to understand. Some didn't, but some strike us what the artists exposing through the arts.

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