Saturday, November 19, 2016

Panchabootha Sthalam

Crew - Alone
Places - Trichy, Chidambaram
Dated - Sep 16, 2016

The idea of visiting pancha bootha sthalam rooted after visiting the Ekambareswar Temple in Kanchi. As my mundane, before visiting any place, I read about the sthala puranam(epic about the place). While reading about the temple, I came across the panch bootha sthalas. By the time, I came to know about it, I already visited three temples in the five. I took a decision to complete the remaining temples too as soon as possible.

Here are the list.
1. EARTH - Ekambereswar, Kanchipuram
2. WATER - Jambukeshawar, Thiruvanaikaval, Trichy
3. FIRE - Arunachaleswar, Thiruvannamalai
4. AIR - Sri Kalahastheswar, Srikalahasthi
5. SPACE - Natarajeswar, Chidambaram

Along with the remaining 2 temples, I planned to visit the Ranganatha swamy temple at Srirangam.

Sthala puranam for Srirangam temple:
Lord Rama, an Avatar of Vishnu, worshiped the idol for a long time, and when he returned victoriously from Sri Lanka after killing Ravana, he gave it to King Vibhishana as a token of appreciation for supporting him against Vibhishana's own brother, Ravana. When Vibhishana was going via Trichy en route to Sri Lanka, the deity wanted to stay in Srirangam. Ranganatha, captivated by the devotion of a King called Dharma Varma, who was doing penance to have Lord Ranganatha to permanently stay Srirangam, stayed put, promising to cast his benign glance eternally on Lanka. Hence it is that the deity (in a reclining posture) faces South.

The journey started straight to the Trichy. You could find number of buses from the CMBT, Chennai. But beware the buses are not quite comfort.

By early morning, I have reached the Trichy. The bus has dropped me on the Highway. I took local bus to travel to the temple.

There is no public transportation to reach to the Jambukeswar temple from the Ranganatha swamy temple. I took the lift from the biker.

And then started to the Chidambaram. It is better to take a train from Trichy to reach to Chidambaram. It took more than 6 hours to reach to Chidambaram, where it is quoted as 3 hours from Google map.

 Finally stepped in the Chidambaram. It is a walkable distance to reach the temple.

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