Monday, March 13, 2017

Gandikota and Ahobilam

Dated : 11th March,  12th Mar 2017
Crew : Guru and Me

It is a vague plan without any precautions. But I enjoyed a lot for the trek.

We have started on the Saturday morning to catch the Chennai Exp(12164), where we could reach to Cuddapah,  nearest to reach nearby city. Only 4 trains available to reach Cuddapah from Chennai.

But we missed it. Later started by 8:30 in bus from CMBT. Luckily we got the INDRA bus. The fare is around 470 INR. And reached Cuddapah by 3 PM.
One could see the following places on the way.

Bhaktha Kannappa Birth place
Kadapa Central Jail
Vontimitta -  Sri Ram's temple

There were no direct buses to reach Jammalamadugu. So catched Proddatur bus, it is 1.5 hrs journey. And catched another bus to reach Jammalamadugu, it is only 35 min journey.

A nearby road one can found the direct bus to reach Gandikota. As by the time we reach Gandikota(6:45 PM) the light got failed, we hardly can view the Canyon. That is the last bus for the day, so we completed sight seeing in 20 min and returned.

From there we reached Allagadda, by taking the round route via Proddatur and then to Allagadda. As due to brahmotsavams(Processions), buses are available to go to Digu Ahobilam(11:45 PM)

We waited for one hour and the last bus started from there by 12:45 PM.
It is only 7km drive. We reached to the main temple and took rest till early morning hours.

The temple gate opened by 6:15 AM and took Seegra Darshanam ticket(INR 50), returned in 15 minutes.

From there started to see the Nava Narasimha temples. On the way one first visit the Krodha(Varaha) Narasimha temple and then one can reach Jwala Narasimha Temple and can start to the Ugra Sthambam. It is one the good, very scary trek. The temple situated on the tip of the peak and need to do pradikshana around Temple is very scary one. The only support is the iron fence around the small God statue. And it is very hard to return from the Hill too. Too much slippery.

On the way, visited the Malola Narasimha Temple and then to the Karonga Narasimha temple near to parking area.

By the time, I am completely ran out of my strength but not the belief. I couldn't find the way to Pavana Narasimha temple, so my inability left to the god only. And I heard one should start from the Pavana Nara Simha temple and then the main temple. So I thought I should complete the trip in the next time. This is the second time, where I couldn't complete my planned trip.

From there we returned to Chennai. It took almost 12 hours to reach.

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