Monday, March 13, 2017

Nagalapuram Trek

IDated : 5th March 2017
Crew : Madhu, Guru and Me

After completing our mundane on Saturday, we have started to the Tirupathi. Due to we are not aware of the place and route, we decided to go to Tirupathi first and then we could start to Nagalapuram. But one can directly catch the bus from Chennai to Nagalapuram by taking Tirupathi bus. It is the half way between these cities.

In the eastern ghats range, it is one of the nearest to the Chennai for trekking. This trek is more suitable for the first timers. Not too slope and safest way.

Early morning we started from Tirupathi and reached Pichatur. It is around 39 km distance. We reached by 10 AM. From there lone can take the Sri Kalahasthi bus and get down in ARAI Village. It is the starting point for the trekkers. Be aware that we should ask people ARAI Falls instead of Nagalapuram water falls as there is a town with the same name. But it is not for the trekkers.

First you reach the Dan reservoir which is 3km from the ARAI village. We went by walk all the way and from there you will enter into the forest area.
First Water Lake: You could see the water running down all the way your trek. One can reach first mile stone in 40 - 60 min.

As we missed in the mid way, 2 hours have wasted. There is a green arrow mark after the first lake.

Second Water Lake : This will take another 1 hr.

It is cumbersome for the first time trekkers going behind this point. As we ran out of time, we return from the second lake.

Nagalapuram Trekking point
Timings :
One day trek, start before 10 AM
For the Night Stayers, Anytime.
Ticket Fare : No entry fee, but it costs if you take guide for food and stay.
How to Reach: Buses available from Chennai.
Nearest Place : Pichatur, Nagalapuram, ARAI villages
Best time to Visit: After rainy season.
Duration: 3 - 6 hours
Highlights: Suitable for Tent houses and Night stays along with Cooking.
Rubber tubes available for non swimmers
Precautions : It is very easy to miss the route. Better always stay near to the running water for without missing out.

It is better to stay away from water for non swimmers, as one of the IIT,  Madras guy drowned in the lake.

Contact for the food arrangements/guide:

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